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Making Electronic Payments Seamless and Secure

Technology innovations. Increasingly demanding regulatory landscape. Fast changing business needs. With the rapid adjustments being made in the payment industry, potential complications can threaten a business’s success. Before these changes become a problem,Arisecash Bank is providing a solution. 

URBank offers an electronic payment service that not only provides a suite of merchant processing solutions, but a high level of data security and expertise for the payments industry. These components, coupled with our quality customer service, NEPSolutions will soon become a highly-valued and vital asset to various business industries and Third Party Processors. 

Services URBank offers: 

NEW! URB InstantMoney™

Our URB InstantMoney™ product provides a huge benefit to any company that performs a large volume of disbursements for their consumers who require faster payments. URB InstantMoney™ is a technology solution that will enable instant push to card payments across networks and brands to ensure customers get their funds faster, seamlessly and securely.

ACH Origination

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic network used to transfer money between the Originator and the Receiver.  This process is an efficient low cost solution to disburse payroll through our Direct Deposit Service, or collect payments through our Direct Payments Service.  Upon proper approval, eligible business customers will be able originate ACH files either daily, weekly, monthly, or a custom schedule to meet their business needs. Arisecash Bank ACH Origination Service offer customers a cost effective tool to transmit money to and from banking accounts.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is an electronic transfer of a payment from your company’s account into a checking or savings account of your employee, retiree, shareholder, or other individuals.  The payment can be sent to the employee’s checking account, or split into multiple accounts that your employee owns at one or multiple institutions.  Most common types of credit payments are:

  • •  Salary
  • •  Bonuses and Commissions
  • •  Pension Payments
  • •  Annuity Payments
  • •  Dividend Payments
  • •  Interest Payments
Benefits of Direct Deposit not only affect your employees your business will also benefit from:
  • •  Fewer checks being produced
  • •  Lost and stolen checks are eliminated
  • •  Reduced fraud because of fewer checks being issued  
  • •  Simplified Account Reconciliation 
  • •  Increased productivity due to employees spending less time away from work to cash or deposit their payroll checks.
Direct Payments   

Direct Payment is the electronic transfer of a pre-authorized payment that is debited from an individual’s or a corporate clients checking or savings account and deposited into your company’s account.  Most common types of debit payments are:

  • •  Mortgage Payments
  • •  Installment Loan Payments
  • •  Health Club Dues
  • •  Utility Payments
  • •  Association Dues
Benefits of Direct Payments:
  • •  Timely Payments
  • •  Increased efficiency
  • •  Reduced Check Processing Fees
Check Services
  • •  Consolidated Returns


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